The Perfect Madd Gift for Every Age

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The Perfect Madd Gift for Every Age

Struggling with finding the perfect gift this holiday season? With so many options on the market, it is hard to find the ideal gift for your loved ones. Lucky for you, we have done the hard work for you! We are sharing the perfect Madd Gear gift for every age range from Toddlers to Teenagers to relieve your holiday stress. 

Toddlers (1-3 years)

My 1st ZBike & Helmet Combo 

Zycom My 1st ZBike


Coming up first is our toddlers, aged one to three years old. The My 1st ZBike & Helmet Combo is a fun balance bike designed specifically for kids who are ready to learn to ride. With an easily adjustable seat and handlebar, the ZBike will grow with your child and provide years of enjoyment as they develop their balance and coordination! Paired up with the included CPSC approved helmet, your child will be safe while riding their very first bike. The ZBike is easy to assemble and comes in two different colorways. 

Preschoolers (3-5 years)

Drift Trike

Pink Drift Trike

The Madd Gear Drift Trike is the most fun you can have on three wheels! This product is almost ALWAYS out of stock, so try to get your hands on it when you can! With its blow molded fat tread rear wheels, you will be sliding, drifting and even doing sick 360’2 with ease! This gift brings all the excitement of rally cars drifting to your neighborhood streets! Manufactured using quality materials and components, the Madd Gear Drift Trike is built to last and ready to shred your local streets. Choose between our Pink/Teal or Black/Green colorways. 

Flight Light-Up Scooter

Flight Light-Up Scooter

The Madd Gear Carve Flight Light-Up Alloy Folding Kick Scooter is ideal for riders 3 years and up! A multi-function LED light-up deck illuminates your ride, making you the coolest rider in the neighborhood. The three stage height adjustable handlebar can be customized for any size rider so this gift can adjust with them as they grow. Blue/Green not your style? Check out the the Pink/Teal Flight Light-Up Scooter



The Madd Gear line of Helmets is a MUST for safety and protection. Lightweight, foam-lined and airflow optimized with a tough outer shell; perfect for riders starting at the age of 5.Our helmets are widely used in skating activities such as skateboarding, roller skating, inline skating, scooter riding, rollerblading, longboard and 2-wheel electronic riding. No matter what your sport, we ensure the ultimate safety and protection for your children. 

Middle Childhood (6-8 years)

Boost Boots

Blue Boost Boots

Our Madd Gear Boost Boots are a one-of-a-kind gift in the market. With motion activated LED lights your kids can run, jump and fly while building coordination and strength in their legs. Boost Boots are safe to use on any surface whether indoors or outdoors. This product was built with key safety features such as rubber gripper soles and secure ankle closure system. Grab some air and get boosted this Christmas! We also make them in Purple

Carve Elite Scooter



The MG Carve Elite Scooter is super dialed and strikes the perfect balance between performance and durability. The long deck is the ideal size for riders looking to take their riding to the next level. Each component of the scooter has been hand selected to produce a complete scooter that can stand up to the demands of today's up and coming pro riders in a package that is easy to trick and promotes fast progression!

Middle Childhood (9-11 years)




Skateboards are always on someone’s Christmas list. Our 31 inch Full Size Complete Skateboard is everything you want in a double kick board. Whether your kid is ripping it up at the local skate park or cruising down the sidewalk, this board has them covered! Skateboards come ready to ride with no assembly required. With awesome designs to choose from, we will have your kid skating in style.

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Retro Boards

Retro Skateboard
The Madd Gear Retro Skateboard will offer years of enjoyment and an active lifestyle for your child. This board has quality hardware built to last for years on end. Featuring an every popular retro flexible 22” long hydro-wrapped PP deck and smooth rolling 62” cruiser wheels, it is the perfect gift choice.

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X-Karver Pro

The Madd Gear X-Karver Pro 3 in 1 Scooter with Light-up Front Wheel is designed to transform into three different scooters! Swing from side to side in Karve Mode, propel yourself along moving your feet in and out in Scissor Mode or kick and push yourself along in Scooter Mode! This product is perfect for any high energy child who likes diversity in their play time. The X-Karver Pro is easy to assemble and will be ready to ride in minutes which means parents can relax while the kids play.

Young Teens (12-14 years)

Grind Rails 



Our Grind Rails are the perfect addition to a riders collection. Skip the skatepark and learn to grind at home! The Madd Gear Grind Rail is adjustable, allowing kids to learn to grind and improve their skills before taking it to the skatepark on lager obstacles. Coming in two different sizes, 55” long and 99" long, these grind rails are ideal for beginners and advanced riders alike who are ready for the next level. 

Cruiser Boards

Blocked Cruiser Skateboard
Madd Gear Cruiser Boards are 32” of FUN! With nine generations of technology and product testing, this product is an amazing value for your money. Similar to our other boards, it comes ready to ride right out of the box. This gift is guaranteed to bring smiles to your teens face Christmas morning.

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Teenagers (15-17 years)


Sea Breeze Longboard
Teenagers love our 36 inch Longboard Complete Skateboards since it has everything you want in a cruiser board. Whether you are gliding along the beach or cruising down the sidewalk, this product has you covered! This board is designed for riders that need a quality complete skateboard that is both durable and lightweight. Our Longboards are long-lasting which makes them the perfect gift for a teen who is preparing for college.

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Jordan Clark Signature Scooter Deck

If your child is a huge scooter fan then they will love the limited edition MGP Jordan Clark Signature Scooter Deck. This product is the exact replica that 3 x World Champion Jordan Clark uses daily! Jordan is known worldwide as one of the best scooter riders on the planet and has been perfecting his signature deck since late 2018. Your teen will be the coolest one in the skatepark with this deck. 

Juzzy Carter Signature Scooter Deck 

Juzzy Carter Signature Deck

Finishing up our list is the Juzzy Carter Signature Deck. Juzzy is one of the world’s best street riders and this product is the combination of over 12 months of testing and direct input from Juzzy himself. Measuring a massive 5" Wide and 22" Long this deck is the exact dimensions Juzzy wanted for his signature deck allowing for ideal foot space of 15" and a wide grinding surface that spans the full width of the deck. Juzzy settled on a 3D forged 84 degree headtube making for easy bar and whip combos. This item is built to last yet is also perfectly balanced at 5LBS. Included is a 110mm Composite Blitz Brake, Black Grip Tape, Rear Axle and Spacers.

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  • Heather C Mitchell

    Bought the Mad Gear Boost Boots for my son. He loves them. Quality and durability made for rough and tough kid. They flex and move with now problems or issues.

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