Skateboard Buyer's Guide

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Skateboard Buyer's Guide

Here at Ultimate Garage, we offer FOUR different types of Madd Gear Skateboards. We have created this comprehensive buyer's guide to help YOU pick the best one! 


Madd Gear Kingdom Skateboard


The Madd Gear Skateboards are 31 inches and are everything you want in a double kick board. This product is for you if you are interested in learning technical tricks and plan to do some serious shredding. We specifically designed this product to be both durable and light-weight making it easy to learn new tricks! Skateboard decks are the stiffest of the four options with a 9-Ply Maple Double Kick Concave design. Skateboards typically have less momentum than longboards, cruisers or retro boards but that doesn’t mean that they don't provide a smooth ride. Our product has carbon steel bearings and smooth rolling 50mm PVC pro wheels. We recommend skateboards for ages 5+ with a rider weight up to 110lbs. Madd Gear Skateboards come ready to ride with no assembly required. With awesome designs to choose from, we will have you riding in style at the skatepark in no time! 

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Madd Gear Rip Tide Longboard


The Longboard Complete Skateboards have become super popular in recent years and as close as you can get to surfing on a sidewalk. Whether you are gliding along the beach or cruising down the sidewalk, this product has you covered! Longboards are the tallest option, coming in at a whopping 36”. In comparison to traditional Skateboards, this product is the most flexible of the bunch with a 8-Ply Maple Deck. Additionally we added carbon steel bearings and 62mm cruiser wheels which makes this product perfect for long rides. Unlike the Skateboard, the Longboard can handle rough surfaces which makes it ideal for daily use. Longboards are recommended for ages 5+ with a rider weight up to 220lbs so you can grow with this board. This board is designed for riders that need a quality complete skateboard that is both durable and lightweight. 

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Cruiser Boards


Madd Gear Blocked Cruiser Board


The Madd Gear Cruiser Boards are 32” of FUN! With nine generations of technology and product testing, this product is an amazing value for your money. While Longboards are best for long distance rides, Cruiser boards are for short distance rides. Our Cruiser Board also has an 8-Ply Maple Deck, carbon steel bearings and 62mm cruiser wheels. Similar to the longboards, we recommend cruiser boards for riders aged 5+ and a rider weight of 220lbs. We designed our Cruiser Boards to be light-weight and durable so that it is easy to carry and store.

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Retro Boards 

Madd Gear Oil Slick Retro Board


The Madd Gear Retro Skateboard will offer years of enjoyment and an active lifestyle for any rider. Retro Boards are also known as the popular term ‘penny boards’ and have also increased in popularity over the past few years. This board has quality hardware built to last for years on end. Featuring an every popular retro flexible 22” long hydro-wrapped PP deck and smooth rolling 62” cruiser wheels, you can’t go wrong! Although they are the smallest option, they still allow for quick acceleration while maintaining balance and comfort. Retro boards are recommended for riders ages 5+ with a rider weight up to 176lbs. The Retro Skateboard is designed for riders that need a quality cruiser that is both compact and lightweight.

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Additional Features

All Madd Gear Skateboards are backed by the world’s best 3-year manufacturer’s warranty and are ready to ride straight out of the box with no assembly needed. 

Don’t forget!


Madd Gear Helmets


The Madd Gear line of Helmets keep you protected without interfering with your ride. Lightweight, foam-lined and airflow optimized with a tough outer shell; perfect for riders of all ages. An ideal skate accessory, our helmets are widely used in skating activities such as skateboarding, roller skating, inline skating, scooter riding, rollerblading, longboard and 2-wheel electronic riding. No matter what your sport, we ensure the ultimate safety and protection. 

Grind Rails 

Madd Gear 99" Grind Rail


Our Grind Rails are the perfect addition to a riders collection. Skip the skatepark and learn to grind at home! The Madd Gear Grind Rail is adjustable, allowing riders to learn to grind and improve their skills before taking it to the skatepark on lager obstacles. Easy to assemble and compact - Grind Rails are ideal for use in the driveway and when friends come over. Coming in two different sizes, 55” long and 99" long, these grind rails are perfect for beginners and advanced riders alike who are ready for the next level. 

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