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Madd Gear Drift Trike Replacement Wheels Set

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MGP Action Sports – DRIFT TRIKE REPLACEMENT REAR WHEELS - Black – World’s #1 Pro Scooter Brand – Built to Last! Madd Gear Est. 2002

Huffy Green Machine? We now supply wheel spacers for use with the Huffy Green Machine! These Wheels Measure: 6" Wide by 8 1/4" in Diameter - Supplied spacers allow for these wheels to be used on the Green Machine.

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Drift Trike Wheel Spacers


We all know that the Madd Gear Drift Trike provides hours of awesome drifting action and fun! Eventually you are going to need to swap out those fat tread rear wheels for a fresh set!

We have you covered with easy to install replacement rear wheels set. Set comes with 2 Blow Molded Wheels.

Easy to install, just pop off your existing hub caps to access the axle nut. Remove the nut and slide the wheel assembly off the axle. Ensure you remove the internal wheel bushing and washer. Install the bushing in the new wheel, slide onto the axle, place the washer on the axle, tighten the nut and pop your hub cap back on!

You are ready for hours more drifting action!

Skip to 1:20 (Step 2) for wheel assembly instructions.

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