Madd Gear Hover-Glide


Just in time for Christmas, grab yourself a bargain on the Madd Gear Hover-Glide Extreme Hoverboard!

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500w / Dual Hub Motors

Powerful yet efficient dual 250w hub motors effortlessly propel you at speeds up to 8 MPH. The amazing self-balancing technology makes it easy for beginners to master!

Certified & Safe Lithium-ion Battery

The Madd Gear Hover-Glide has undergone stringent testing and certifications to ensure it is not only safe but uses the highest quality components for durability.

Bright Lights & Awesome Graphics

Bright flashing LEDs light you path as you cruise effortlessly on your Hover-Glide Extreme. Vibrant hydro-wrapped graphics an awesome wheel decal will have you rolling in style and the envy of your friends!

Product Specs:

Motors Battery Wheels Max Speed Run Time

Dual 250w

2.0Ah Li-Ion



50 Mins

Not Just Any Hover-Board!

Packed full of cutting-edge technology making the Hoverboard easy to master for beginners! You will be zooming around with ease in no time on the Madd Gear Hover-Glide Extreme!

Gift Ready Packaging!

The Madd Gear Hover-Glide Extreme is securely packaged in quality retail ready packaging making it ideal for a gift this Christmas!

Certified Safe & Backed by Local After Sales Support!

The Madd Gear Hover-Glide Extreme has been subjected to stringent testing and certification ensuring the highest quality components are used and all requirements are met with flying colors!

Run into any issues or have questions? We are here to help! You can contact an Ultimate Garage Tech via our Website Chat or call us for support!

Other Designs Available:

"Wow what an amazing looking hoverboard! I purchased it for my sons birthday present and I swear he has not gotten off the thing since. He gets a lot of play out of a charge, I would recommend it and price can't be beaten!"

Pamela Aguilarez

9 NOV 2019, 12:21

"I really wasn't sure what to expect but honestly I'm pleasantly surprised with how great it looks for one and the actual quality of the board. My daughter rides it daily and we haven't had any issues at all. I would buy again!"

Phillip Cole

15 OCT 2019, 14:42

"I got two of these for my kids and they totally love them. The lights flash on the front when riding and the graphics on them are super bright and cool looking. My kids are trying to teach me how to ride it now! Hilarious!!!"

Brice Rivera

01 NOV 2019, 17:42